Visit a Snake Farm | สถานเสาวภา

At the Bangkok Snake Farm (Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute) there are of course a lot of snakes, especially poisonous ones.

The farm was founded to produce an antidote for the most common Asian snakes. The snakes are milked regularly (the poison is pushed out of their glands), with the poison they vaccinate horses on the accompanying horse farm (not on show) and later they retrieve the antidote from the horses' blood.

For funding they show various types of snakes in a small zoo, and in a daily show they milk a few snakes in front of the public, present some extremely poisonous and hissing cobras at 2 meters distance from the public and people can have their picture taken with a big python (not poisonous). The men that take care of the snakes get bitten regularly, even though they are careful, so they are big consumers of their own products. A little commercial, but an interesting farm. location * website


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