Visit Pata Zoo in the Shopping Mall | สวนสัตว์พาต้าปิ่นเกล้า

Pata Zoo is located on the 6th and 7th floor of Pata Department Store, across the Pin Klao bridge in Thonburi. Nice but smelly and some cages are really too small.

The top (7th) floor houses mammals and birds. It has a nice view over Bangkok, but of course that's no use for the animals. They have quite a collection of apes, including gorillas. Feeding is not allowed, but everyone does it anyway. You can have your picture taken with a dressed-up monkey, which it doesn't seem to like much, or against a backdrop of parrots.

The 6th floor is filled with reptiles, fish, insects etc. The cages are nicely decorated in old style. Everywhere aquariums with turtles, loaded with coins for good luck. Small but exciting is the exhibition about pythons, including pictures of people eaten by them (imagine!). location